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Yeah, I'm sad, and they're only feelers now. So I'll see...


WIll put up pics either today or friday.


FIlato- $50+shipping (nude, broken foot, some scratches on his face).

Custom Nomado-$35+shipping (Nude, Needs touch up-ing around the lips, has neck melt)

Custom Nahn-ato- $120+shipping (Nude, Comes with Marrone HB obitsu)

Cavalie- $65+shipping (nude/bald?, Comes with slightly modded cool cat eyes, possibly wig)

EDIT: Possibly putting up  a few minis (Mini Fanatica, Mini Carol, maybe mini modded riletto, and mini jupi)


Putting up sales again, forgive any mistakes, I'm half asleep.

Dolls clothes, shoes, etc.Collapse )

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A little bit star-struck [pic-fic PG-13]

I promised Amber I would upload more photos n' stuff because she doesn't browse forums that often.

:/ It's definately not my best or funniest pic fic because 1) I had bad lighting, 2) I had to get my homework done and my dad was home D:

So yeah, enjoy anyway if you can.

RATED PG-13 for some foul language and stuff.


Pic-fic under cutCollapse )

Yeah kinda sappy at the end :/ Sorry, it wasn't my best pic-fic.
I promise a better one later :3

Sai was pretty horny yesterday 8D So being the horrible owner I am, I let him exploit him self on Lj (luckily this is a private journal and I'm only posting it on LJ so no one on the forums will see it....unless directed here.)

Fangirls feel free to have: Squee-ing moments, fangirlgasms and nosebleeds.........heeheehe Enjoy


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